Best Dog Food

Are you looking for the best dog food choices?

Our team of researchers and writers have the task of researching the best food for your dog at all stages of life, we will scour studies, the web and consult as many sources as we can in our research in order to bring you the best choices for your dog.

By Breed

Different breeds have different needs, never has there been more variety in dog foods, a Chihuahua obviously has different needs from a Great Dane, here we will review foods based on your breed

Best Dog Food by Breed

By Brand

Brands vary widely in nutrition and value. Read our beand reviews

Best Dog Foods by Brand

By Ingredients

Does your dog have specific needs, here are foods without certain ingredients your dog may have an allergy or intolerance to.

Best Dog Food By Ingredients

Health Issues

Does your dog suffer from allergies? Does he have arthritis? Here we review foods based on the special health issues facing your dog

Best dog foods for health issues

Reviews and comparison

Reviews by brands and also comparisons, how does your favorite food compare to xyz brand?/reviews

Reviews and comparisons

Best Puppy Food

Looking for the best puppy food for your new best friend? Keep in mind the needs of a puppy are far different from an adult or senior dog. They need to get the right nutrients to fuel their growth. The right balance of protein, fats, carbs may difer by breed,

Best Adult Dog Food

A balanced dog food for your adult dog should meet his nutrition needs, this could depend on many factors, breed, activity levels, medical or behavioral concerns, spayed/neuteres vs intact dog.

Best Senior Dog Food

As your dog matures his needs will be different, lower levels of activity and age may require a different mix of protein, fat and carbs to meet his needs