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Lance Rose

Lance has had dogs his whole family, growing up in the UK in a family that bred Dalmatians, I still fondly remember Brutus, Cleo and Tara.

As a young adult my first dog was also a Dalmatian and yes, we called him Pongo. he was a fantastic dog and gave us many years of joy and exercise walking him regularly. Our neighbours loved him so much they even bought a Dalmatian of their own.

After having lost Pongo to an infection we went without a dog for about 6 months before we were out at dog shows checking out other breeds, I always had an affinity for Bulldogs and one day Lesli (my wife) came across an American Bulldog at a rare breed show and insisted I go check him out. Well it was love at first sight for this breed and we have owned and bred them since 1998 Rosebull American Bulldogs

This site grew out of our love for the breed and the relative lack of online information or sources online in the early days of the internet. I spent many years and countless hours building the directory and helping find out as much about the breed and then other breeds as possible.

For a long time I left the site as it was and didn’t do much with it, but with the immense lack of good information on so many topics it has come to revive the site, give it a whole new look and publish relevant information from our collective experience with dogs over the last 25 years. We have had dealt with countless vet emergencies, illness, trial and error with foods, chewed up toys, dog beds and even some furniture and shoes over the years. We have judged many dog shows around the world, read countless articles, had our hands on thousands of dogs and innumerable conversations with other dog owners over countless subjects over the years. Our experience will guide us in writing and publishing only the best information we can research.

Our current Stud Logic, all 116 pounds of him is pictured below.

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My passion for dogs started in childhood growing up in a household full of dogs. I have been breading American Bulldogs since 1998, as a breeder, show judge, trainer and lifelong student of dogs and their behavior. I am the owner of this website whose roots go back to a labor of love started in 1998.

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