20 Dog Safety Tips Every Pet Parent Should Know

Dog Safety Tips

Keeping Your Furry Friend Safe and Sound As pet parents, we all want our furry friends to be happy and healthy. One important aspect of keeping our dogs safe is being aware of potential hazards and taking steps to prevent accidents. In this article, we will share 20 dog safety tips that every pet parent … Read more

Preparing for a Vet Visit

Whether this is your first visit or not there are many things to prepare and consider before heading to visit the vet… With a little bit of preparation and understanding, you can make the visit go smoothly and ensure that your dog gets the best possible care. Here’s a checklist of things to consider when … Read more

80 Ways to Be a Responsible Dog Owner

As a dog owner there is a huge responsibility to care for and protect your best friend, to make a difference in their health, hapiness, and well-being. Here are some tips and ideas from the American Kennel Club (AKC) American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), veterinarians, dog owners, ASPCA, and other sources on how to be … Read more

Getting Rid of the Skunk Smell on Dogs

De-Skunking your Dog De-skunking your pup doesn’t have to be difficult –– as long as you follow these steps carefully! Make sure you assess any possible injuries after an encounter with a skunk and use plenty of caution when creating and applying the cleaner solution to keep both yourself and your pet safe during this … Read more

Why is my Dog Throwing Up?

As a breeder, one of the most common questions I get asked is, “Why is my dog throwing up?” There are many potential reasons for this, and vomiting can be a sign of both small or serious health issues. First, it’s important to understand that vomiting is a common and normal process for dogs. It’s … Read more

Toxic foods your dog should never eat

We all know what is good and bad for us, eand even though we don’t always eat healthy our dogs don’t get to choose their food. It’s important to know what foods could be dangerous, even deadly if your dog was to eat them. 47 Foods your dog should avoid Can dogs drink Alcohol? Under … Read more

How Long do dogs sleep?

Sleep in general Unlike most people who have jobs and a schedule, dogs sleep when they need to.  Sleep has many of the same impacts on dogs as in humans,  helping in brain development, learning, and memory.  Sleep deprived dogs will have bad moods like tired children and they’re health may suffer. How long should … Read more