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1. Working American Bulldog

2. Irondog and beyond

American Bulldogs

4. 2" Leather Collar

5. 6' Leather Leash

6. Dog Fancy

7. Dog World

8. How to train your APBT

9. Training your german shepherd

10. The APBT handbook

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The Working American Bulldog - Book    How to train your american pit bull terrier    Training your german shepherd    American Bulldogs by John Blackwell    The American Pit Bull terrier handbook    The power of positive dog training   


We have thousands of books to choose from, some exclusive and the rest in association with the giant catalogue, on these pages you will see bestsellers in their categories, as well as links and and searches to many more. Be sure to visit All Dog if there is a specific category or title you are seeking, this is one of our sites and we are setting it up to be a great destination in it's own right.


There are dozens of title s to choose from, from the 2½ hour long Irondog and Beyond, where you will learn basic obedience up to the most advanced routines, to teaching your new puppy some manners, the instruction that Video provides is unique.


On our individual leather pages you will see fine examples of leather artistry. In conjuction with well know names like Blackjack's, Johnny B Goods, and Creative Collars we offer you the finest in Collars, Leashes, Harnesses, and more.
Only the best hides are used, vegetable tanned (A natural, environmentally friendly tannage),these are durable leathers which feel good and will gain more character each day as the rich patina improves with time, like wine in a bottle

Weight Pull Harnesses

If yor just getting into the sport of weight pulling or enjoying it as a fun exercise with your pets, these are the weight pull harnesses for you


Your favorite breed, check out Just Dog, another of our sites, designed to bring you the best selection breed by breed. And for other topics visit


We have our top offerings on this page and others, but for any other magazines from People to FHM, National Geographic to Cosmopolitan find them all at

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Doggie Cuts

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