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What is the Australian Labradoodle?

The Australian Labradoodle is a purebred dog, tracing it's roots back many generations. Please do not confuse this with the many Labradoodles you see out there, many of the current crop of Labradoodle breeders are breeding what is termed f1 & F2 generations, that is they are just starting with their first, second, or maybe third generation of Labradoodles.

The Australian Labradoodle Association works with the Australian National Kennel Council to promote it's acceptance as a purebred and to provide guidance to breeders and owners alike.

What does F1, F@, F3..etc mean?
F1 is a first generation cross between a Labrador Retriever and Poodle. These dogs will show a combination of traits from smooth to curly hair, even wavy or shaggy, perhaps even several types in a single litter. If you are looking at this breed to be non allergenic this may not be the best choice for you. The crossing of the two breeds results in healthier offspring as the gene pool is increased.

F1-B is the crossing of the above mentioned F1 Labradoodle to a Poodle, resulting in dog that is 75% Poodle genetically. Coats may still be wavy, shaggy, curly or a combination of the three. Being that these crosses are 75% Poodle they are likely to be very suitable to those seeking a non allergenic breed. Shedding is unlikely.

F2 is the result of breeding two F1 Labradoodles together. These are still 50/50 genetically and may shed or cause allergies. This is where the breeder must select breeding stock carefully to produce the traits they are looking for and produce many future generations of pure Labradoodles.

F3 is the result of breeding two F2 Labradoodles together. By careful selection the breeder locks in the most desirable traits and goes on to produce multigenerational Labradoodles.

Multi Generation Australian Labradoodles ccome from the breeding of F3 and further generations to produce a consistent type adhering to the breed standard.

More Information on Australian Labradoodles

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Labradoodle Puppies For Sale

Australian Labradoodle Resources is unique, in every category, among the listings you will find listings for Australian Labradoodle breeders that don't have websites, that can only be contacted by phone or by mail. We are a one stop for all your research or reference needs on Australian Labradoodles.

If we do not have your Australian Labradoodle kennel or your Australian Labradoodle web site and would like us to list it please fill out an 'Add Kennel' form

Our American Bulldog kennel is Rebel Rose American Bulldogs, drop by and check us out. If you would like to get in touch with us, email Lance & Lesli Rose.

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